Lorena Gomez Gaviria | LUT University

Lorena Gomez Gaviria
Lorena Gomez Gaviria

Lorena is finishing her master's degree in Global Management of Innovation and Technology at LUT University, Finland. She's intrigued by emerging technologies driving Industry 4.0, especially in education.

Lorena is a believer in the transformative power of education for personal growth, and societal development. Through her master's thesis, Lorena is investigating the role of 5G technology in shaping the future landscape of universities. She envisions dynamic, interconnected campuses leveraging advanced technologies, where collaboration, innovation and experiential learning thrive.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Lorena has been actively involved in the 5G adoption for Industry 4.0 at Nokia. Her journey has been marked by diverse experiences across South and North America, Europe, and most recently, South Korea, where she engaged in advanced studies on topics related to AI, human–robot interaction, and smart cities. Through these experiences, Lorena has developed a deep appreciation for the global landscape of education and technology, and its pivotal role in addressing today's challenges.

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