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Mike Vandersanden
Mike Vandersanden

Mike is a PhD student at Hasselt University, Belgium, where he previously earned his master's degree in Computer Science. His fascination with the Internet and its applications has grown steadily over the years. Initially exploring video streaming analysis in his master's thesis, the research topic has since evolved into a data-driven approach to understanding networked applications.

Mike is currently engaged in a multidisciplinary project focused on collecting, analysing, and visualising data from networked applications. As a member of the Networked and Secure Systems research unit at Hasselt University, his work spans the intersection of these fields. In addition to enhancing the performance of networked applications, Mike's research also delves into ensuring their safe and fair use. This involves investigating various aspects, including Internet communication interference, to identify root causes and develop mitigation strategies. He is driven by a passion for exploring the complexities of networked systems, and contributing to their advancement.

Digital Vigilance - Detect and understand Internet Interference

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