Community Tools

GÉANT offers a range of collaboration tools to support our activities and provide cost-effective and easy-to-use ways for the community to work together. These tools allow us to share knowledge, experience and technologies without borders.


Sending large files can be complex and the constraints of many mail services limit the size of attachment. FilesSender providers a service to upload large files and share access to the community. This is a demonstration service meant to show the potential of FileSender and to persuade NRENs to set up their own FileSender instance.

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This service provides project participants access to the GÉANT Mailing List manager. This provides the ability to generate and manage mailing lists including subscription and un-subscription management.

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The events management system from GÉANT, powered by CERN's open-source Indico tool allows you to:

  • register for events;
  • manage your own events, from simple meetings to complex conferences and workshops;
  • see a calendar overview of events in the wider research and education networking community, to help you avoid scheduling your event on dates that clash with other relevant events.

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The GÉANT wiki space provides an easy-to-use environment to help the community collaborate and share knowledge and task and project progress.

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