Infoshares are a series of regular events coordinated by the GÉANT Partner Relations Team. They are complimentary to the GÉANT Community Programme and seek to create a space for engagement, improved knowledge sharing, and open discussion about services and strategic topics, all to strengthen the human network across the Research and Education community. Their purpose can be: "General information", "Consultation/feedback on future work" or "Preparation for decisions“.

Registration for Public Infoshares is open to everyone. These events will be recorded and made accessible on GÉANT's YouTube channel, as well as the relevant Wiki page. Some Infoshares, which are not meant for the general public, are restricted to 'invitation only'. This will be clearly indicated.

A full list of future and past Infoshares, both public and restricted, is available on the Infoshares wiki.

Please note that some Infoshares are meant to specific target audiences only and, therefore, their recordings have restricted access (login needed).

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How to organise an Infoshare

If you would like to organise an Infoshare, please consider the following information about your event:

  • Who will attend/target audience?
  • Will your event be recorded? If yes, will the recording be public or private?
  • Would you like to include Q&As in the published video?
  • What is the expected outcome?
  • Are there any other specific groups the information about your Infoshare should be sent to?


Public Infoshare events will be promoted widely through mailing lists, newsletters, social media and the CONNECT website.


Public recordings will be uploaded to YouTube. For non-public event recordings, please contact the GÉANT Partner Relations team to define the required access. The dissemination of non-public events will be internal.

Propose your own Infoshare

Get in touch with the GÉANT Partner Relations team with information about your event.

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