GÉANT Community Award

GÉANT honours community members who have made outstanding contributions to collaborative work and the development of services and technologies, people who have shared their ideas, expertise and time with the community.

We recognise that such contributions are often provided voluntarily and through the good will of employer organisations.


10 January 2023 - Nominations open
28 February 2023 - Nominations close
20 March 2023 - Shortlist is published - Voting opens
27 April 2023 - Voting closes
15 May 2023 - Community Award Committee selects awardee
6 June 2023 - GÉANT Community Award announcement and ceremony


The Community Award, presented for the first time in 2012, is sponsored by the GÉANT project. This sponsorship provides administrative support, allowing the award to be opened up to nominations from across the community and facilitates the selection of winners by a panel of judges. The Community Award is a sign of recognition for the individual efforts that make up our community collaborations. It is presented every year at TNC, the GÉANT community's flagship conference.

Nomination criteria

Nomination criteria
Any individual who is eligible to nominate may submit a nomination for the GÉANT Community Award (go to 'Who can nominate' section further down on this page to find out more).

Shortlist of nominees

Shortlist of nominees
After the nomination deadline a shortlist of nominees will be displayed on this website.

Selection process

Selection process
Nominations are categorised and checked for completeness. On occasion, additional background information might be required. The judging panel brings their experience to bear in choosing the recipient of the award with the intention of ensuring a rich and varied selection over the years.

Award Committee

The 2023 GÉANT Community Award Committee and judging panel comprises the following roles and individuals:

  • Chair of the GÉANT Board of Directors - Gilles Massen (Restena)
  • Chair of the GÉANT Community Committee – Claudio Allocchio (GARR)
  • Chair of the TNC23 Programme Committee – Ann Harding (SWITCH)
  • CEO / representative of TNC23 host organisation – Arjan Xhelaj (RASH)
  • CEO GÉANT – Erik Huizer
The panel is supported by the GÉANT Association for outreach and coordination purposes.
Contact information: communityaward@lists.geant.org

Who can nominate

  • Representatives of NRENs and their connected institutions
  • Staff employed or sub-contracted by GÉANT, by GÉANT Project partner organisations, or by GÉANT member organisations (associates and national or representative members)
  • Individuals who participate in one or more GÉANT task force, special interest group, or other GÉANT activities, whether by attending meetings or simply being in the mailing list
  • Individuals who have been awarded the GÉANT Community Award
  • Current and former members of the GÉANT Community Award Committee

Eligibility criteria

Candidates eligible for the GÉANT Community Award are individuals (or organisations) from across the GÉANT community (including, but not limited to, NREN staff, GÉANT staff, GÉANT project participants, researchers, academics, etc.) nominated by people who are qualified to nominate (please refer to section 'Who can nominate'). Self-nominations cannot be accepted.

While posthumous recognitions will be considered, it is envisaged that the community award principally honours active members of the community. 

Award categories

  • Initiators of significant new ideas or improvements which have had lasting impact on the organisation, project or community.
  • Impactful contributors to the GÉANT project or wider community activities over a sustained period of time.
  • Outstanding contributions to the project or community which have immediately led to significant and recognisable new ideas, developments or improvements over the last 12 months.

The award

The award ceremony and celebration take place at TNC, GÉANT's flagship conference. 

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