Thematic Areas

Thematic areas are formed and continuously evolve from the needs of the GÉANT community.

Learn more about the different thematic areas and their activities to find out which community activity suits you best.

This is a broad area, concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems. GÉANT's activities include defining and implementing appropriate security requirements for various types of systems. One requirement common to many systems is incident response: detecting and investigating failures and restoring the system to its intended security state.
Trust & Identity
Trust & Identity focuses on identity management federations, harmonisation and standardisation of interfaces, access control, service location and diagnostics, and involve liaison with other communities when relevant, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community. Trust & Identity services enable mobility and facilitate sharing of information in a responsible manner.
This area is concerned with organisational aspects, coordination and exchange of best practice regarding the provisioning and delivering of network services. Work in this area supports research on network technology and innovative network services. Campus networking is included in this area.
The Cloud area of the GÈANT Community Programme deals with Interoperable software stacks, aimed at providing cloud services based on open standards and protocols, and focuses on supporting the uptake of Cloud technologies. Both private and public clouds are of interest within this domain, with the focus on building, operating, and monitoring cloud infrastructure in a hybrid cloud approach to the provisioning of services for the NRENs and their constituent institutions.
Business practices
Within this area the focus is on organisational, information gathering/exchange and delivery aspects of services provided to the community and by the community.
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