SIG-Multimedia: Multimedia Applications​​

The SIG is currently inactive.

Facilitating technology and service interoperability and sharing knowledge about multimedia solutions

Streaming, video / web conferencing, multimedia and real-time communications applications all help the flow of information between research and education institutions and the spread of e-learning capabilities. The GÉANT Special Interest Group on Multimedia – SIG-Multimedia –  engages with experts in these areas from across industry and the wider research and education networking community and provides a forum for knowledge exchange.

The group facilitates interoperability among the current technology and service silos, and shares knowledge and information about existing solutions and planned developments and integrations in order to avoid the duplication of efforts where possible. It will advise and demonstrate innovative applications for both the high-end users (demanding 4K, 8K, real-time, interactive, low latency, secure and encrypted solutions) as well as the long-tail users (being educative, smart, easy-to-use, connected and interoperable).

SIG-Multimedia is the latest evolution in the community collaboration in this area, succeeding the Task Force on Web Real-Time Communications, TF-WebRTC​, which held its final meeting in September 2016.

Read the interview with Bartek Idzikowski, member of the Steering Committee.

SIG-Multimedia Steering Committee

Chair: Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet)

Mihály Mészáros (Whereby)

Nelson Dias (FCT)

Bartlomiej Idzikowski (PSNC)

Miloš Liška (CESNET)

Coordinator: Gyöngyi Horváth (GÉANT​)

More information

Learn more about this activity ​and how to get involved in meetings. Visit the SIG-Multimedia​​ wiki​.

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