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Stakeholder engagement Task Force

TF-EDU: Educational Technologies

TF-EDU aims to gather information, discuss and develop tools and best practices to address the common issues faced by NRENs with regards to their educational services and activities. The areas of interest include the digital learning environment  – such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Analytics (LA), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) –  eduID, Open Educational Resources (OER) and more.

TF-EDU opens a space to enable organisations and individuals to share their own practice (positive and less successful), focusing on two major tracks:

  • It serves as a strategic platform for the creation of an overview of the educational technologies landscape in the NREN community and beyond.
  • It liaises with interested parties and supports the creation and work of smaller working groups that will dynamically form around specific services, challenges and opportunities in the area of educational technologies.

TF-EDU is committed to sharing every outcome, finding and result with the wider GÉANT community.

TF-EDU Steering Committee

Chair: Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet)

Esther Wilkinson (Jisc)

Dragana Kupres (CARNET)

Vegard Moen (UNINETT / SIKT)

Tomi Dolenc (ARNES)

Birgitta Hemmingsson (UHR)

Coordinator: Gyöngyi Horváth (GÉANT)

More information

Learn more about this activity ​and how to get involved in meetings. Visit the TF-EDU​​ wiki​.

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