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Support Services Task Force

SIG-RED: Special Interest Group on Research Engagement Development​

Developing methods for NRENs to engage with research communities

Research engagement is about working with research collaborations in every discipline to facilitate the most effective use of available tools and technologies for optimal research success.

The Special Interest Group on Research Engagement Development is a collaboration of international national research and education network (NREN) organisations, who are working together to develop methods for engaging with researchers and collaborations on a national and international scale through a series of reports, workshops, and best practices. ​

SIG-RED focuses on working with local research support offices and IT departments to help researchers use networks and related tools to improve their use of computing, data, and facilities, either on a local, national or international scale.

The participating NRENs work within their countries to engage with research support offices and collaborations. The results of the task force will yield documentation for other NRENs to develop their own form of research engagement, which will benefit the various research domains and e-infrastructures on a global scale.

SIG-RED Steering Committee

Chair: Sylvia Kuijpers (SURF)
ChairChris Atherton (GÉANT)
Juraj Bilic (CARNet)
Meoli Kashorda (KENET)
Olga Popcova (RENAM)
Coordinator – Dragana Janeš (CARNET)

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