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SIG-DLT: Distributed Ledger Technologies

The Special Interest Group on Distributed Ledger Technologies is a forum to explore the usage of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) as well as distributed identity and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) in the context of the research and the education community.

The SIG is currently inactive.

The aims of the SIG are:

  1. To provide a forum for gathering and exchanging experiences, ideas, and knowledge on the development, deployment, testing, and best practices related to Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), distributed identity and SSI. To explore related technology such as software and hardware wallets as well as protocols and standards.
  2. To engage the NRENs and other interested parties in the R&E community that are deploying DLT infrastructures and services that use distributed ledger technologies; and to offer them a forum to exchange experiences.
  3. To promote collaboration between research and education networking organisations in Europe engaged with identifying specific use-cases and demonstrators to validate the usage of distributed ledgers, distributed identities, and SSI, both as an alternative technology to those currently deployed as well as in support of novel use cases.
  4. To provide inputs, ideas and feedback that help participants in gathering information not only on the technology but also on business and GDPR aspects related to distributed ledgers.
  5. To liaise with other relevant groups and stakeholders outside the NRENs that are adopting distributed ledger technologies, distributed identities and SSI.

Read the interview with SIG-DLT’s Chairs.

SIG-DLT Steering Committee

Chairs: Niels van Dijk (SURF)

Gert De Braekeleer (BELNET)

Robert Ott (SWITCH)

Coordinators: Michelle Williams (GÉANT)

Licia Florio (GÉANT)

More information

Learn more about this activity ​and how to get involved in meetings. Visit the SIG-DLT​​ wiki​.

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