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Vladislav Válek
Vladislav Válek

Alongside his studies at Brno University of Technology, Vladislav works for CESNET, the Czech national research and education network, while also carrying out a traineeship at Heidelberg University. His projects at the NREN and university revolve around PCI Express - an interface standard for connecting high-speed components.

Vladislav is currently developing a design for an FPGA card allowing easy interaction with the communication protocol of the PCI Express. FPGAs provide extensive versatility of applications which they can offload from the host CPU - like database query acceleration, arithmetic or packet filtering.

Lightning Talk | TNC23, Tirana, Albania


In recent years there has been a major development in the field of cluster computing. These solutions often require many dedicated resources to communicate with each other, and bind their abilities in a collaborative manner. There is also a requirement to allow multiple users to use a single cluster without affecting each others' computations. Nowadays, the FPGAs provide an excellent scalability and programmability for this purpose, with the advantage of parallelism and achieved throughput.

This talk introduces the design of a generalised streaming library for the PCI Express interface called JetStream 2.0. It is an enhancement of the previous generation, able to run at the data rates of PCI Express Gen3 x16, that means reaching the transfer speeds of up to 100Gbps. The architecture also supports sending data between two FPGA cards using a zero-copy mechanism - which bypasses the classical buffering of data in RAM and sends them directly to the addressed device. This solution is proposed as vendor independent, thus FPGA cards both from Intel and AMD/Xilinx can be used and also mixed on the host.

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