Javier Crespo Guerrero | Universidad de Valladolid

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Javier Crespo Guerrero
Javier Crespo Guerrero

Javier is in his final year as a student in the double degree programme of Computer Engineering and Statistics, at the University of Valladolid, Spain. He is currently collaborating with the Computer Science department to conduct research on mobile app privacy.

Lightning Talk | TNC23, Tirana, Albania


APK Falcon is a tool to assist users in assessing the impact of mobile apps on privacy, to improve knowledge and empower decision making in accordance with the values of the EU Next Generation Internet. APK Falcon will help users understand the permission system, leading to improved management - such as revoking highly intrusive permissions or being more cautious when asked to grant permission. This tool will be made in a user-centric way, so the impact on privacy can be understood by everyone.

Users will be able to access a web service where they can search for the name of an application and obtain a privacy score, as well as information to understand this score. APK Falcon can assist users in making more informed decisions about granting permissions and managing their privacy. By shedding light on the permission system, APK Falcon can empower users to take control of their privacy in a simple, open and transparent fashion.

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