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Supported by GARR

Valeria Repetto
Valeria Repetto

Valeria is a Physicist currently working at IIT-CNR of Pisa, with a postgraduate scholarship from Consortium GARR. She achieved her master's degree in Physics of Complex Systems from the University of Turin. Her fields of interest are applied physics, quantum computing and its application to biological complex systems, machine learning and deep learning.

Valeria is working on a pioneering project to exploit the potential of quantum machine learning algorithms to identify new biomarkers from publicly available genomics data of rare tumours, and of cell-line-based pharmacogenomic screens.

This project will shed light on the potential, and limitations, of quantum computing for a fundamental task in the oncology of rare cancers and precision medicine - biomarkers identification - with the further challenge of being able to intertwine quantum computing with precision oncology using real Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum devices.

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