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Fabio Greiner
Fabio Greiner

Fabio studied sociology and theology before doing his master's degree in Strategic Communication. His interest in how communication constitutes and influences our society accompanied him throughout his studies, and brought him into the field of security awareness. Fabio is fascinated by the complex interrelations of security and human behaviour in an increasingly digitalised world, as well as his task of bringing together the expertise of IT security professionals with the needs of end users.

Lightning Talk | TNC23, Tirana, Albania


In recent years we have come to realise that cyber security not only requires technical measures, but also cooperation on the part of the users in order to make organisations more resilient against cyber-attacks. Changing user behaviour requires more than just one-time training, it demands a different skill set to what most experts in cyber security have. That's why the field is undergoing a transformation through inviting professionals from other disciplines to support security measures.

In my master’s thesis I studied the collaboration of security awareness specialists with internal communications. The results from the interviews provided insight into how practiced interdisciplinarity can support security professionals in their daily work, and thus make organisations more secure.

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