Business practices Special Interest Group


The aim of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is to share information around each member’s sustainability ambitions.

There is a growing need within the NREN community to monitor and measure our sustainability impact against agreed targets, particularly in terms of GHG emissions and energy utilisation.

Each member has a different level of maturity and plans around sustainability topics such as:

  • carbon footprint;
  • climate resilience and adaptation;
  • regulatory requirements;
  • responsible procurement;
  • resource consumption;
  • supplier and client engagement;
  • diversity and inclusivity;
  • investment, and many other associated topics.

The aim of this SIG is to share each member’s plans and to learn together to develop the overall strength of the group in relation to sustainability, and delivering impact across the UN SDG’s.


Photo by Jan Piatkowski on Unsplash.

SIG-Sustainability Steering Committee

Andy Byrne (HEAnet)

Clare Casey (Jisc)

Laura de Kievit (SURF)

Coordinator: Clare Casey (Jisc) Temporary

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Learn more about this activity ​and how to get involved in meetings. Visit the SIG-Sustainability wiki.

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