Shortlist 2022

    Sebastiano Buscaglione

    Senior Network Architect, GÉANT

    About Sebastiano
    Sebastiano has made an impressive contribution in planning and designing the next evolution of the GÉANT pan-European network. His technical acumen and his ability to relay complex issues are paired with his ability to engage successfully with all stakeholders (GÉANT, NRENs, European Commission reporting, as well as a wide breadth of providers in the Telco and network technology marketplace). Sebastiano’s commitment to the GN4-3N project has been unwavering; he is always on top of what is a very wide scope of work to manage, in addition he always maintains a calm disposition, he’s respectful of all views and his subject matter expertise is always assuring.

    Tryfon Chiotis

    Head of Project Management Office, GÉANT
    Award Recipient

    About Tryfon
    When Tryfon joined the GÉANT Project Management Office it changed the tone of the GÉANT Projects. Activity Leaders felt supported by someone who really understood their topics. NRENs knew they were dealing with someone who knows both sides of the equation.
    He’s an assiduous, friendly, supportive Project Manager who is admired and appreciated by all those who know him. He has been the essence of the GN project for the last 10 years, and by extension the spirit of the GEANT community. Tryfon's integrity, hard work and quiet humility mean he is a real silent community hero.

    Paul Dekkers

    Wireless Services Specialist, SURF
    Award Recipient

    About Paul
    Paul started out as a technical person, operating large parts of the eduroam infrastructure. Over time, he put immense amount of dedication into the service, not only regarding operations, but also future development and international service governance.
    Lately, when the sad duty of finding a replacement for Miroslav Milinovic's slice of work for the eduroam service came up, Paul did not hesitate and stepped forward to become the eduroam Europe Service Owner.

    Ivana Golub

    Senior Researcher, PSNC

    About Ivana
    For many years already, Ivana has been driving the GÉANT Project Network Services team and helping shape the service portfolio in the most meaningful way. Thanks to her long and extensive experience in network operations and research, she’s always ensuring that the offering is user driven and generates the best value for the GÉANT project and its member organisations. And, most of all, she’s doing all this with great dedication, caring for everyone in her team and promoting diversity. This makes her an invaluable and very respected Work Package leader.

    Garvan McFeeley

    Brokerage Services Manager, HEAnet

    About Garvan
    Brokerage/group procurement had been a HEAnet service for some time before Garvan joined the organisation, but since then it has become one of HEAnet’s primary services and a core reason for new members to join the NREN. His enthusiasm for getting the best deal for education & research extends well beyond Ireland. He has been instrumental in delivering many IaaS providers into the GÉANT Project framework over the last few years. Garvan has worked behind the scenes bringing knowledge and skills at an international level enabling big scale tenders to happen all-over Europe for the first time. Such frameworks have received praise also from outside Europe.

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