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Open Source Software Licensing Workshop for Software Developers

April 5 @ 10:30 am - April 6 @ 1:30 pm


On the 5th-6th of April (Wednesday/Thursday), Orcro will be providing open source licensing training for GÉANT. This document provides an overview of the training content and schedule (including timings) for the two days.

Course Overview

Who should attend

This course has been designed for software developers and engineers who are contributing to open source projects and/or developing internal projects that use open source code. It is also recommended to leaders responsible for the development tasks in the GÉANT project.


Attendance of the previous course is helpful but not mandatory. This training will be an extension of some of the concepts explored during the previous training, especially focusing on determining licence compatibility in projects.

The recording and slides for the previous course can be viewed on eAcademy.

Training Outline

Open source software (OSS) is broadly used in almost all software development project in the GÉANT project, and so a good working knowledge of how open-source licences work, as well as understanding compliance and risks, are crucial to securing your code.

This course provides a practical dive into open source licensing and compliance practices. The course is led by compliance experts Andrew Katz and Alex Murphy from Orcro Limited.

Objective of the training

The objective of this course is to enable software developers to contribute effectively to projects by choosing the most suitable OSS licence (depending on the nature of the project) and verifying if there are any licence incompatibilities.

Learning objectives

 By applying what you explore in this training, you will be able to:

  • Apply general open-source licensing concepts subject to permissive, copyleft, or non-open-source code;
  • Combine components under different licences into a single application;
  • Select components for your project, based on the licence applicable (and other criteria);
  • Determine whether components under different licences are compatible based on a licence matrix;
  • Detect incompatibilities and other issues using Mend (previously WhiteSource) compliance tooling;
  • Apply criteria involved in selecting an out-licence for a project using both a manual selection process (such as component spreadsheet) and compliance tooling (Mend).


Both days will start at 10:30 (CET). The Wednesday session will run for three hours, then a one hour lunch break, followed by a further one hour session. The Thursday session will run for three hours before the training is concluded. Breaks will be interspersed within the three-hour blocks as necessary to avoid ‘Zoom fatigue’.

The timings in the schedule below are guidelines as Q&As may overrun, or attendees may request extra breaks (for example).


Wednesday 5th April

10:30Welcome, (re)introductions, training overview. 
10:45Introductory poll & quiz
11:00Learning to apply open source licensing concepts for permissive, copyleft, or non-open source code 
12:00Short Break 
12:15Learning when components (under different licences) can be combined into a single application
13:00Licence combination quiz
13:30Lunch break
14:30Automated tools introductory poll
14:45Leveraging automated tools (Mend) to detect incompatibilities
15:15Automated tools Q&A and quiz
15:30Wrap-up and end of day 1

Thursday 6th April

10:30Welcome back, review of day 1, overview of remaining training 
10:45Day 1 review quiz
11:00Learning to select components for your project, based on applicable criteria
11:30Component selection quiz
11:45Short Break
12:00Learning to apply criteria involved in selecting an out-licence (manually + with Mend) 
12:30Practical licence selection activity 
13:30Wrap-up and end of day 2


April 5 @ 10:30 am
April 6 @ 1:30 pm




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